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'Spit Bum' produced by Curtain World

Gogo Bumhole: Video

Gogo Bumhole

Meet the disco gremlin

Meet the Formidable Disco Gremlin

Gogo Bumhole was birthed out of Siobhan's creative frustrations in the great lockdown of 2020. 
Beyond theatre making, Siobhan wanting to create a club and performance persona that could exist outside of a theatre work.
Gogo is the name that Siobhan's niece gave her, and often Gogo represents the choatic side of Siobhan's personality.
By creating a hyper-femme persona, Siobhan was able to celebrate, while also deconstructing, the feminine parts of herself. By juxtaposing a Bratz doll like appearence, with extreme and grotesque performances, Gogo challenges the social expectations of a femme body.

Gogo Bumhole: Press
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